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Horseshoe Crab Blood (Limulus Polyphemus Species Blood) for Medical Testing

Our goal is to be a responsible global supplier of Horseshoe crab blood of the Limulus Polyphemus and Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) while helping improve the lives of humankind. We supply Horseshoe crab blood and manufacture LAL reagents to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Specification of Horseshoe Crab Blood (Limulus Polyphemus Species Blood)

Type: Bile
Source: horseshoe crab
Color: Blue
Ingredients: Protein
Packaging: in Bottles, Drums, Barrels
Form: Liquid

Our collective is committed to the protection of the Limulus while also satisfying the ever-growing demand for quality-controlled products and reagents that ensure drug purity that is vital to us all.


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